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Ardroid Environment Sensor - My First Android - Arduino Project

Recently, I have spent most of my spare time on arduino, an open-source electronics prototyping platform.

Arduino is very easy to use that one with little hardware knowledge like me could start making something quickly, and with various shields and sensors, it is also very powerful.

Ok, let’s go to the main topic today, my first android arduino project.

The reason for the small project is very tricky, that is, I usually doubt the weather and envrionmental info from official departments, especially for the PM 2.5, As a result I decided to build an environment sensor and take it with me every day. The data around me is the most accurate one, right?

images Above is how ardorid looks like, at the time of writing, I havn’t found a satisfying PM2.5 sensor, so you can only see two lines showing.

The basic idea is:

  1. android device (my Huawei Y300) will act as a collector, analyser and display of the envriomental data.

  2. arduino(openjumper mega2560, openjumper sensor shield v3, bluetooth adapter, dht11 sensor) will retrieve data and feed to the collector.

Some details of the tech stack:

  1. For the beautiful dynamic chart, the framework is AChartEngine.

  2. For communication between android and arduino, Firmata is your friend.

  3. Also, bluetooth is a nice choice besides google ADK board. OpenJumper sensor shield v3 makes the integration of bluetooth module, DHT11 sensor supper easy.

  4. Others like the battery-powersource, gradle will lead you a good life:)

Please refer to Github for the code.